We, the people’s people.

  • Magmarkd is a Pune-based company founded by Anuja Pathak in 2018.
  • Magmarkd ouers brand development services.
  • The business plans to connect into varied sectors on a global level in the coming two years.
  • We are now ready to concentrate on developing this business into a more efficient source of revenue while retaining the joy of branding and development.

Things we do for you.

Executing the task efeciently is our finest service.

Marketing and Sales

  • Field Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Outdoor Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Research and Development
  • Business Module Generation
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Funnel Marketing & Outbound Marketing with Professional Training

Designing and Development

  • UI & UX Design
  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation
  • Software Development
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Web-Application Development
  • Mobile-Application Development
  • Corporate and Advertisment Film Making

Our experience and perspective.

  • Magmarkd has identified several target market segments that will be pursued.
  • The largest segment is the IT sector and businesses in the growth stage. Also start-ups and business enthusiasts in various sector is the one growing segment.
  • We collaborate with entrepreneurs to tailor the management to the specific functions as well as refine corporate cultures for their intermediate development.

Potential can always forecast growth.

  • It is expected that sales will gradually increase as more varied projects are completed and the company receives more testimonials.
  • We are full time company also we allow freelancers to work with us for faster completion of projects, it will result to increase number of hours worked per week.
  • Focusing on our niche we aim to execute as many as possible cases so as to strengthen our work experience.


People who strongly believe in providing positive economic development to all

Anuja Pathak

Anuja Pathak

Founder | Ceo
Saurabh Pathak

Saurabh Pathak

Parag Jawale

Parag Jawale

Business Enhancer | Technical Head

Varun Dusane

Lead Web & Android Developer

Mohammed Saad

Sr. Web Developer And Designer

Rajesh Wagh

Business Development Executive